High Season Rates: Includes Easter vacation (the week before Easter Sunday, and the week including Easter Sunday), and beginning the week including Memorial Day Weekend (typically end of May) through September 30th. Rates are $1,075 per week. Week including Fourth of July is $1,275 (Fourth of July in Santa Cruz is absolutely unbelievable, this is a perfect location and is well worth it!). A week is always Saturday to Saturday (4 PM check in to 11 AM check out).

Winter Holiday Season: Includes Thanksgiving week, Christmas week. and New Years Week. Rates are $875 per week. A week is always Saturday to Saturday (4 PM check in to 11 AM check out).

Off Season Rates: From September 30 up to the week (but not including) Memorial Day Weekend (typically end of May) excluding Easter vacation (as defined above). and excluding Winter Holiday (as defined above), Rates are $775 per week. A week is always Saturday to Saturday (4 PM check in to 11 AM check out).

Multi-week discounts: for stays over a week, the second week is 10% discount and the third and additional weeks are 15% discount.

For less than week rentals: Rates are $325 per night, 2 night minimum. Additional nights discounts are similar above, $295 for the third night and additional nights. Note, it might be more economical in your situation to rent for a week depending on the season. Special note for non-weekly rentals which are either less than 3 days, or which cross a Saturday checkout boundary (see below): If these dates occur within the High Season or Winter Holiday Season, bookings will not be accepted farther in advance than 30 days. In other words, we can't block a week out in these seasons for a 2 night booking, or block 2 weeks out in these seasons for what might just be a 3 or 4 night booking way in advance. We are happy to accept a tentative booking for that time period including accepting fees, and at any time up to 30 days prior, either confirm the booking should no other occupancy be confirmed, or return the advance fees in the other case.

$350 REFUNDABLE BOOKING and SECURITY DEPOSIT and 10% County Taxes (on rent paid) REQUIRED at the time of booking, $125 NON-REFUNDABLE CLEANING FEE REQUIRED also at the time of booking.

Advanced Bookings: accepted up to 1 year in advance. Rates subject to change at any time. Bookings made are secured with rate published at time of booking irrespective of rate change subsequently published.

If you need to rent crossing a Saturday checkout boundary, use either the per night formula for the entire stay, or the week rate plus the additional  nightly rates above (excluding the 2 night minimum), whichever is less.

If you need a late checkout, we can try to accomodate if the time window until the next renter arrives allows. It's a big house and really does take that much time to clean and laundry. If you want to secure an afternoon or evening checkout, please consider booking an additional day.